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January 9, 2012

What Is Going On At Fox Soccer Report?

Another day, another resignation at Fox Soccer Report. Long time Fox Soccer Report host Derek Taylor is leaving the show. Taylor is joining a new morning show premiering February 6 on a Global Winnipeg show. Taylor’s departure marks the fourth host leaving FSR in just about eighteen months. Only Michelle Lissel and Eoin O’Callaghan remain along with long-time analyst Bobby McMahon.

That sort of turnover leads one to wonder what exactly is going on at the FSR studios in Winnipeg, Ontario.

It is that question that has been a white whale of mine for some time. Very little information ever came directly from the people on the scene. But, enough information was gathered to paint a picture of a dysfunctional work environment. It is difficult to tell who is at fault in the matter without hearing from all sides but it’s clear something was amiss.

So, what started this epic whale search?


Dun, dun, dunnnnn.

A mysterious tweet from a Matt Donaldson (@MGD4me) back in July 2010 to @UFdotcom detailing an alleged suspension of Jeremy St. Louis. Apparently Mr. Donaldson had a friend on the inside at FSR telling him Lara Baldesarra caused Mr. St. Louis’ suspension.  Mr. Donaldson had plenty more to say about FSR supportive of Mr. St. Louis and critical of Lara Baldesarra. The criticisms were nothing new to this website or the internet.

Then, another tweet to Mr. St. Louis by Mr. Donaldson cryptically saying “@jrstlouis Bad things happen to good people. Shame. Will do as asked.”

Then, nothing.

Mr. Donaldson disappeared. His account deleted. No response to inquiries by me. Nothing.

Presumably his tweets caused trouble for Mr. St. Louis who requested, privately, that he stop.

Then, Jeremy St. Louis’ twitter account was deleted only to reappear with another “official” twitter account @jstlouisFSR (which is now gone since his departure from the show).

Here are all of Mr. Donaldson’s tweets. Ever.

So what exactly happened at FSR in 2010? It’s not clear but another internet search turned up more information over at Big Soccer. There was lots of detail about the alleged incident (post #414 midpage) courtesy of a “Balls2TheWall” who had a grand total of three posts at Big Soccer. Here’s what Mr. Balls2TheWall (presumably it was a male given the handle) had to say:

I’m not sure how accurate this is but I heard from a friend of mine involved in MLS that Lara recently had Jeremy suspended?

Story I heard is Jeremy finally lost it with Lara’s poor performances and made them stop the taping of the show one night recently when the two of them were on the desk.

Lara then sent a video clip copy of the incident, which apparently happens quite frequently in the TV business, to the bosses (this Jon Lovlin perhaps?) and they suspended Jeremy and pulled him off the desk – despite the fact Lara hurled expletives at him for admonishing her.

I guess we know who management is backing and that explains why they’ve kept her for as long as they have.

This was posted on July 17, 2010. Around the same days as Mr. Donaldson’s tweets. Are Mr. Donaldson and Mr. Balls2TheWall one and the same? Who knows.

But, Mr. St. Louis can confirm that something occurred. He does not confirm the veracity of the online postings but he does not deny them either.  He provided this statement to UF:

“As for what happened with me – I will just say this: these things happen in this business. Sometimes, people just don’t get along, no matter how hard each party tries to make it work. Unfortunately, this happened with me and one of my former colleagues – along with my direct Supervisor. It was truly better for everyone involved if each of us moved on – I believe that. In hindsight, I will always cherish my time at (and on) FSR and the many viewers that have become friends down the years. Do I miss it? I do. But, I am where I am supposed to be.”

All three principals involved have since left the show.  Jeremy St. Louis works in radio in Winnipeg. Jon Lovlin, the producer, has been replaced. And, Lara Baldesarra was doing an online soccer show for Setanta in Canada but has just recently left to parts unknown. She has been teasing a new job that will have her moving to the US.

You would think that would be the end of the story but not quite.

Doing research for the story turned up some interesting edits in the Wikipedia pages for Jeremy St. Louis, Lara Baldesarra and Terri Leigh. All of which seemed to occur in the same Summer 2010 period. Of course all of these are [sic'd].

From Jeremy St. Louis’ page:

  • Another edit outed private information about his marriage to Terri Leigh. At the time their marriage was not public information. Although it is now.

It just so happens those edits came from IP addresses in Winnipeg, Canada.

From Terri Leigh’s page:

  • An edit calling Ms. Leigh a college dropout who grew up in a ‘combine.’ “Terri dropped out of college after half a semester and returned to the mennonite combine she grew-up in.”
  • Another edit saying she got married to get on TV and that she had been a “late night sex voice” prior to joining FSR.

From Lara Baldesarra’s page:

  • The edits are far more complimentary about her role on the show from the same Winnipeg IP address and around the same time.
  • Except for this one which provides some personal information about her, which is traceable to an Alberta, Canada IP address: “She is now dating a well known businessman based in Edmonton of Africa descent called Tony Marc.”

All very interesting, huh?  But nothing concrete.  What happened will likely always remain a mystery but we can always play the speculation game, no?  Unless somebody else can come up with more information.

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  1. Mountain Wag

    TFA! Excellent drama and intrigue. IP address research no less? You are dragging us to 2nd rate! Well done.

  2. Outside Mid

    This is a conspiracy against hot women who can’t pronounce Jooventushie!

  3. Wacman

    Holy website update Batman! This page looks sexxxy with 3 x’s

  4. WhoNeedsForwards

    Well, it ended with that Lara chick not on the show, so it had at least a partial win.
    Also, yeah, this site no longer looks quite as 3rd-rate. Don’t know what to think of that.

  5. MP

    That blond idiot who does Fox Soccer Report now is no better. I wonder who she’s f-cking to keep her job. Probably the same guy that kept Baldaserra on the air for so long.

  6. MightyMightyDR

    There is some “Guy Noir” stuff going on up in the North Country…

    Also, “WOW!” to the new site design, layout, etc. Heady time, these. I’m not sure I’m rated high enough to comment anymore.

  7. WhoNeedsForwards

    Eh, I keep commenting and I’m not rated at all. I will continue to treat it as third rate, dammit.

  8. Outside Mid

    @ WNF: Wait, you’re supposed to be rated? The day’s already started & I’m lost.

  9. Mountain Wag

    @MP – Third rate is and third rate does. And there are plans with that for later today. Don’t fret. He need not do anything just yet…

  10. MP

    @WAG: I am irrationally excited.

  11. Mountain Wag

    @MP: As well you should be.

  12. MightyMightyDR

    @OM: You blog for the site; your third-rate standing is implied.

  13. Outside Mid

    @ Elon: Gotcha. I didn’t know if I was missing something where we were supposed to be getting comment points or something in this new format.

    Also, if we were handing out comment points, might I suggest a little Crissy icon next to our names that slowly gets filled up as your comment gets liked?

  14. Goosie

    Me gusta the new design!

  15. WhoNeedsForwards

    Bah, humbug.

  16. @WNF, I think you should update to a picture of Saha, gives a little more umph to your name

  17. The Likely Lad

    Is this show still on TV?? I could produce something better in my parents’ basement.

  18. Call me crazy but I miss Fox Football Fone-In.

  19. WhoNeedsForwards

    I do too Goat. It was an entertaining show.
    Of course, I miss the bar set for the Sunday shows. Oh, Fox, always capable of taking something good and messing it up.

  20. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Redesign so hard this shit cray.

    Lookin good guys. I dream of the day when you have content worthy of the new look.

  21. Wow. Just wow.

    A longtime fan of the FSC Report, I am extremely displeased Canada will be discontinuing the ‘Fox Sports World Canada’ channel (the Canadian version of FSC) across all cable providers, meaning that from next week on, I will be missing my daily dose of Eoin O’Callaghan, Michelle Lissel, and Bobby McMahon. I started looking around online for reasons for the channel’s cancellation and came across this.

    I have to say: this is some pretty intense backroom drama, and also a great piece of investigative journalism TFA! Well done! Who knew? Jeremy was one of my favorite anchors on the show, I never even imagined he had been suspended due to problems with Lara (who personally, I always thought was pretty bad and only had her good looks going for her).

    Interesting stuff.

  22. huhe888

    FOX Soccer Report is still available in Canada on EuroWorld Sports 7 days a week at 10pm ET.

    Rogers is now very aggressive with soccer.

    Sportsnet World Connected has been moved to Sundays-Thursdays at 10pm ET. Michelle Sturino is the host. She appears to me to be another Lara clone, with 4 years of experience as production assistant before getting a shot at the anchor desk.

    Won’t be surprised if FOX Soccer in the US replace FOX Soccer Report with Sportsnet World Connected starting October 1. Rogers wants to sell the show to FOX. The show is already in HD and Rogers has the infrastructure to backhaul the show in HD to FOX Cable Networks Operations Center in The Woodlands, Texas.

  23. huhe888

    I can assure you that Michelle Sturino is NOT a Lara Baldesarra clone. Sturino is still a work in progress, but her attitude is very good compared to Lara, who is awful.

    I have it on good authority from several people that Lara Baldesarra terrorized everyone at Rogers Sportsnet when she spent 1 year there before jumping to The Golf Channel. Lara wore out her welcome in Toronto. We’ll see how long she lasts at The Golf Channel.

    Exciting stuff with regards to soccer television in North America, with the entrance of Qatar Media Corporation’s beIN SPORT LLC (USA) entering both the U.S. and Canadian markets.

    beIN SPORT has only one choice in partner in Canada because that company possesses the only actively-licensed soccer-centric channel: TeleLatino Network, which operates EuroWorld Sport.

    As for the U.S., there is only one logical choice of partner for beIN SPORT: NBC Sports Group.

  24. The mighty arsenal

    Eoin O’Callaghan has to go. Annoying little twerp. The unbelievable BS story on the show this evening that went on until the second coming on some QPR nobody about christianity was a ridiculous religious diatribe please get rid. Please FSR!

  25. Arsenal is God

    I just turned the channel back and he is still gabbing on about this god bollix… who is in charge at FSR??? Jesus came back and was executed again this took so long. Has no place on this show whatsoever.

  26. N Brunner

    I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of professionalism in the production of the new FSR tonight. Odd transitions and segues made me question if they really should do the program live? Only thing I could think was they were trying too hard and I missed Bobby McMahon. It was particuarly disappointing as I very much appreciated the recent FSR story on Gavin Peacock in the old format. Not that every show should be as focused and documentary as that installment, but it has been odd to see a few of the new shows look so poor and trite after that. Clearly I disagree with the AFC supporter above.

  27. Nick Brunner

    I was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of professionalism in the production of the new FSR tonight. Odd transitions and segues made me question if they really should do the program live? Only thing I could think was they were trying too hard and I missed Bobby McMahon. It was particuarly disappointing as I very much appreciated the recent FSR story on Gavin Peacock in the old format. Not that every show should be as focused and documentary as that installment, but it has been odd to see a few of the new shows look so poor and trite after that. Clearly I disagree with the AFC supporter above on the last point.

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