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June 19, 2014

DAY 8 BOOTROOM: The Safe For Work Version Part II Electric Greece-Are-Poo

Not a lot to say on this one.

Even with the opening game loss, just a draw against Japan keeps Greece very much alive. One point here and a win against Cote d’Ivoire and they’d be through (assuming Colombia don’t lose to Japan… and that’s probably not a safe assumption because nothing in Brazil is). So it’s not like Greece needs to change its defend-at-all-costs approach. That’s terrible for us.

At least Japan is adventurous. And, whatever-God-Shintoist-worship allowing, they can also nick an early goal and open things up. Anyway, it’s the last game for like 17 hours, so soak it in. It might not be the sexiest matchup on paper, but this World Cup has been delivering more often than not. Plus there are only a finite number of games and your girlfriend is probably not going to hate you less for ignoring her for two more hours.

Just a note on the pic. I have no idea what is going on there. I Googled “Japan girls” and that was on the top line in the image search return page. And it wasn’t the only picture of a girl licking a doorknob. Is there something I don’t know about the Japanese? Is this a fetish thing? What the fuck is wrong with people? Someone enlighten me. Bonus points if you can answer that last question.

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