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June 22, 2014

DAY 11 BOOTROOM: Do YOU Believe That We Will Win?

Better late than never right? What do you expect from a third-rate zombie blog? The World Cup rolls on with Group H action followed tonight by a pretty straightforward proposition for the USMNT. Win and they are into the knockout rounds.

Her flag is backwards. Bet you didn't notice.

Her flag is backwards. Bet you didn’t notice.

Of course a loss doesn’t doom them, but with a matchup against a German side needing a result looming, you have to feel that a victory over Portugal in Manaus is Klinsmann’s best shot to steer the Yanks into the last 16.

12:00 – Belgium v. Russia

This match has already begun and so far it’s been a scoreless first half. Dries Mertens has been the standout for Belgium but Russia have more than held their own. And surprise, surprise an Arsenal man has already left injured, with Vertonghen replacing Thoman Vermaelen.

I’m not making any more predictions in this tournament as I have been embarrassingly wrong about just about everything from day three on.

Fellaini's wife.

Fellaini’s wife.

3:00 – South Korea v. Algeria

These sides have just one point between them (it belongs to Korea) but are still well in the group no matter what happens in the early match, though a loss for Algeria would be nearly fatal. The South Koreans have Akinfeev to thank for their lone point though and it will be quite difficult for them to break down the stubborn Algerians.

This match does have stinker written all over it but in this World Cup you really never know.

This is what I get for typing in "South Korea fan."

This is what I get for typing in “South Korea fan.”

6:00 – United States v. Portugal

This is a big game, huh? There are varying amounts of calmness and trepidation in the UF camp. You have Jacob, your token foreigner, and your dirty, Azzurri loving traitor cool as cucumbers (James T calls them gherkins, weirdo) while The Stretford End freaks the freak out. Our old pals Autoglass and Moonshine Mike think the team that scores the most goals will win, while Outside Mid and Precious Roy think it will be the team that concedes fewer. The Fan’s Attic thinks it’s all about SET PIECES. “Headers,” says The Likely Lad. BG is still basking in the glow that is Lionel Messi’s transcontinental aura while The NY Kid is on a three day wine and cheese bender. Mountain Wag thinks we are all ridiculous. Punditry at its finest.

Alexi Lalas eat your heart out. And shut up, also shut up.

You, loyal UFers, are encouraged to join us once again and together, I believe that we will bootroom.

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