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June 24, 2014

Day 13 Bootroom: Unlucky for Italy or Uruguay

buffonwifeIt’s a battle royale of two former champions. Two teams enter, one team goes on.

England isn’t one of those teams. They go home regardless.

But in the early games Italy take on Uruguay, and with Costa Rica already assured passage to the knock-outs, that leaves room for only one of two countries that have claimed six Cups between them. I don’t think many people thought that this would be a game with nothing at stake, but even if it were a battle of survival it would be because of something the Three Lions did (well besides lose to both these teams).

So do we get more of football’s The Kramer—he’s a loathsome brute, but I can’t look away—or its midfield Jesus? That’s Suarez and Pirlo for those of you without a firm grasp of the obvious on a Tuesday.

The other match is England v. Costa Rica. With the pressure off, I fully expect England to win 6-2 just so the rest of us can enjoy their national conversation about “if only…”

In the late matches, Cote d’Ivoire attempts to finally get out of their group at a World Cup. They have not drawn the Group of Death, yet have still left themselves work to do. And The Greeks will make them work. Down a man, they picked up an heroic point against Japan. Without looking, I’m pretty sure that the three non-Colombian teams are all still mathematically alive. But if you figure Colombia aren’t likely to lose to Japan, then a draw is enough to send Drogba, Touré, Gervinho, et al through.

But think about that, there is a decent chance we have a World Cup where Gervinho outlasted Pirlo or Suarez. So it’s…

Italy v. Uruguay
England v. Costa Rica

Cote d’Ivoire v. Greece
Colombia v. Japan

Times vary depending on where you live. Enjoy the games folks. There are only so many left.

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