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June 26, 2014

DAY 15 BOOTROOM: Group H – Who Will USA Play Next?

belgium fans 1

Belgium fans.

Honestly, I don’t really care too much about this afternoon’s matches.  Not because I don’t really care, I’m just emotionally exhausted from this morning’s USA-GER match.  USA is through to the knockout stages.  That’s all that matters for me.  The opponent will be whoever it will be the winner of Group H…Belgium, Algeria…doesn’t really matter.  The USA can beat or lose to both.

Every team in Group H is still alive though Belgium or Algeria can win the group.  Belgium has already advanced. Algeria is in with a win against Russia, and can win the group if Belgium loses to South Korea.  South Korea needs a miracle to advance.  If Russia wins against Algeria, South Korea needs to win by two more goals than Russia.  If Russia draws with Algeria, South Korea needs to win by four goals.  Conversely, if Russia is to advance they need to beat Algeria and a) hope Belgium wins or b)  make sure its victory margin is within two goals of any South Korea victory over Belgium.  I think.  You guys check the math.

No analysis today…I have to get back to work.


Belgium 3 – 0 South Korea

Russia 2 – 2 Algeria

USA plays against the winner of this group in Salvador, Brazil on July 1.  It will probably be hot and humid there.  But, the USA gets an additional day of rest than it had between the Portugal and Germany matches.

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