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July 9, 2014

Semifinal BOOTROOM: The Day of The Day After

You wanted more goals in the knockout rounds. Are you not entertained!? Wow that was an outburst by Germany yesterday. Today the Netherlands and Argentina hope to put on a show of their own but only one can march forward to face the Germans on Sunday.

Robben: AAAAAAAHH!!!! Messi: OOOOOOHH!!!!

Robben: AAAAAAAHH!!!!
Messi: OOOOOOHH!!!!

Plenty of people had Germany advancing but no one expected them to distance themselves from the Brazilians like that. In what appears to be a more evenly matched game, will either the Dutch or the Argentinians have the ability to break away similarly?

Our Dirk Kuyt love lives on.

Our Dirk Kuyt love lives on.

Another heavyweight bout, today’s match is a rematch of the 1978 World Cup final. It also features a huge amount of talent and two of the stars of this tournament in Leo Messi and Arjen Robben. Messi has not been at his transcendent best but he and his teammates have gotten the job done, overcoming some legitimate concerns about defense to reach this semifinal. Angel Di Maria’s loss to injury will be a worry though. The Dutch steamrolled through the group before scraping past Mexico and deservedly going through Costa Rica on penalties. Much has been made of the teamwork and camaraderie of this Dutch squad, often known for pettiness and infighting. Can they keep the good times rolling to ensure that we finally see a European champion on South American soil? I wouldn’t mind another eight goals, but it’d be nice to see them more evenly distributed. Can you believe the World Cup is almost ¬†over already? Get your ass in front of a feed and get in the bootroom.

Hard to compete with that though.

Hard to compete with that though.

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