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July 13, 2014


diezHoly cow, it’s here. This is it. Today. It’s for all the marbles.

And who doesn’t want all of the marbles? Nobody. Or at least nobody who isn’t Argentinian or German.

It’s Messi’s date with destiny. That’s the narrative. AND HOW DARE THE GERMANS TRY TO RUN COUNTER TO THE NARRATIVE? THE NARRATIVE IS ALL POWERFUL. Of course if that’s the case then Argentina are screwed as, during a bit of email banter, JT and I gave Manuel Neuer the nickname ‘The Narrative’ and if The Narrative is all powerful, then I don’t see how Argentina are going to score today.

Anyway, for all the talk about Argentina’s suspect defense, they haven’t conceded a goal in the last 5.5 hours of football. Offensively, though, they’ve only scored two themselves. And a line up featuring (injury permitting) Di Maria, Higuain, Ag├╝ero and Messi, struggled to beat Iran. The team that was going to have to score four or five to survive its defense has been pretty dire offensively for a few games now.

But if we only judged a team based on its weakest performances then we could similarly write the Germans off as they only managed to outscore the US and Ghana combined by a single goal. Instead we have Javier Mascherano playing the football of his life and seems more the inspirational leader for the Albiceleste than La Pulga. Much maligned Sergio Romero has also been pretty heroic in the only spots he’s been called upon. Then we have a German team that absolutely humiliated the hosts in their semi-final. Really, part of me still can’t believe that happened. They put seven past Brazil. Maybe they were stuck in second gear for the bulk of the group stages.

I think it’s Germany in a walk (here’s why and here is something else pretty to look at). But that probably means 1-1, 120 minutes and a penalty shootout. Penalties! For those marbles!

As a quasi-neutral I’m just hoping for something less dire than most of the quarter- and semi- final games. As unreal as the Brazil v Germany match was, it was more of a rubbernecking kind of event. The game was over at 35 minutes. You just couldn’t not look at the carnage. And the Netherlands basically played for penalties after about 25 minutes against the Argies. Blergh.

So pull out your best quips. Only awesome comments are allowed for a WORLD CUP FINAL: THE FINALING! Enjoy the game folks, it’s the last World Cup game for four whole years. That’s not a happy thought.

But for now, for today, it’s the World Cup final. And hopefully one to put a bow on this mostly outstanding tournament.

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