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Notes From The Not-Very-Underground-At-All

So, I’m sure by now you’re all figuring out what our string of misty-eyed retrospectives/adventures in oversharing are all about. That’s right; as of, um, right about now, Unprofessional Foul is dead. Ceased to be. Bereft of life. Shuffled its mortal coil, etc etc etc DEATH SYNONYMS LIFTED FROM A MONTY PYTHON SKETCH. We killed [...]

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The Best XI Things About Unprofessional Foul

Today was missing a list and any special day here at UF is not complete without a list.  So, don’t forget that The Fan’s Attic is giving you a list when you go to rate us at the end of the day.  (No idea if there is going to be any rating and I hope [...]

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A lot more than a Spectator

With our final guest post of the day, we present Spectator. You know that scene in 24 Hour Party People where Peter Saville finally shows up with the Hacienda flyers, but it’s after the club has actually opened, and Tony Wilson/Steve Coogan says something to the effect of, “To be fair, it’s a beautiful flyer.” I always felt, [...]


Words of wisdom from an old friend

And now, with another blast from the past, we get a post from Sven. Be sure to check out the returns of Norfolk Ned and Spinachdip NY from last week.  A lot can change in five years. Five years ago, when JT first approached me about joining his new soccer blog, life was certainly different: [...]

Still with this? Oasis won the battle, Albarn the war. Now read! All

Oasis vs. Blur! The Definitive Guide to Britpop’s Biggest Feud (but, really…)

A girl I love once gave me a book as a gift. It was a good one, notable, but as she said in her inscription, not something I should bother reading. She was right and I never have, never once turning past the inky message on the flip-side of its paperback cover. “It’s still wet [...]

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Ciao For Now

I won’t go on too long. I know, I know. I always say that. But you’ll be hearing from contributors who are far more experienced, eloquent, and essential to UF than I over the course of the day. I am not really a frequent denizen of the internet. I don’t participate in a lot of [...]

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How UF Saved My Soul

Four years is a lifetime in the blogosphere. Four years is a blink of the eye in a friendship. When James T sent out the batsignal for people interested in writing about football, he found a core group of us on Deadspin who were excited about the prospect of forming a place of our own [...]

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The Bootroom. The Dirty, Dirty Bootroom

TFA began writing this last night, but it got lost in the WordPress vortex, so he asked me to step in for him and finish. There is only one game that matters to our usual UF crowd: The Return of Titi as Arsenal meets Leeds United in the third round of the FA Cup. It’s [...]

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Thanks For All The Fish Tacos

As our resident WAG would say “it’s typical men to ignore something you care about for so long, and then when its leaving you get all emotional.” We all have our foibles, but we are too wise to point out yours, ladies. Most of us ended up here after going through some personal, emotional or [...]

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Oh, The Places We’ll Go!

Remember Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go?” Well, it seems that story is always popping up at strange milestones in life: graduations, births, weddings, and funerals (well, that particular version was pretty short, it just said “TO HELL“, but I digress). Today is a UF milestone, and we put together an abbreviated 3rd rate [...]

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The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Huh. It’s been a while since I did one of these. It’ll be a while before I do another. As such, it’s your lucky day! TWO FOR ONE MONDAY! And it’s not even Dr. King’s birthday yet (though it may be one of yours; I’m not sure). To start, we’ll look to the contested island [...]

I Bet There Would Be More Fans Here if We Were Playing In Tanzania All

One Last Spin Through the FJMinator

We’ve probably acknowledged it before, but our occasional rip-off of the deceased Fire Joe Morgan is nothing but flattery. What FJM did was borderline genius. With a only Mickey Mouse blogger template, some horrifically bad sportswriting, and their collective incisive wit they helped give legitimacy to bloggers—these were really smart, successful Hollywood writers, not clichéd [...]

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L’Affaire Suarez y Evra

One of my all-time favorite UF posts was the MS Paint explanation of the non-offside call in the Euro 2008 Italy v. Netherlands match when Ruud van Nistlerooy scored.  It seems to me that the crude and amateur nature of my MS Paint skills embody the UF approach of some actual insight presented in a [...]

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A WAGs Retrospect: The Buns at the Sausage Fest

A New Year brings a lot of thinking; some on actions past, and others on what the future will hold. The former left me dwelling on my time with UF and how this relationship came to be. While it hasn’t been lengthy (in fact, I may be one of the least senior, next to Outside [...]

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What Is Going On At Fox Soccer Report?

Another day, another resignation at Fox Soccer Report. Long time Fox Soccer Report host Derek Taylor is leaving the show. Taylor is joining a new morning show premiering February 6 on a Global Winnipeg show. Taylor’s departure marks the fourth host leaving FSR in just about eighteen months. Only Michelle Lissel and Eoin O’Callaghan remain [...]

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Why I wanted to be a UFer

Hello, old friends. It’s been a while. If you hadn’t figured it out, my job as a high-powered social media guru at an Ivy League institution has kept me from the fun here at Unprofessional Foul. #humblebrag I’m starting the day out with a post, but you should be ready for a lot of content [...]

Manchester City? All

Sunday Bootroom: Noisy Neighbor Edition

The last time Manchester United had its noisy neighbors over those neighbors took advantage of United’s hospitality and trashed the place. Manchester City laid a 6-1 asskicking down to the reigning champions. It was a sight to behold. Sir Alex Ferguson’s tiny baby hands clenched in fists shaking like he had not had a drink [...]


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Have You Seen This Child?

Posted  December 19, 2011  by  BG

By now, you’ve likely heard that Barcelona squashed Santos 4-0 in the FIFA Club World Cup final, which will hopefully get Pelé to shut up for a few days. Unless you’re a diehard Barca fan, though, you probably didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to watch this game live from Japan. Suffice [...]

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Citeh Arse needs more wax.

Sunday Bootroom: Citeh Arse

Posted  December 18, 2011  by  The Fan's Attic

Why, oh why, does FSC+ exist? I am not paying for premium channel and I am about two years past tolerating watching pirated online streams on any regular basis. However, I suppose I will have to brave the internet wilds searching for streams this morning to catch the Liverpool match. I’ll be sure to wear [...]

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I have no idea.

Saturday Bootroom: Hair of the Dog

Posted  December 17, 2011  by  The Fan's Attic

Soccer is a great hangover recovery medicine. Either the match is so boring that it just allows you to sleep off last nights frivolities or it is so enthralling that the rhythmic pounding in your temples is forgotten. I plan on sleeping off last night’s company Christmas party as none of the morning’s televised matches [...]

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Stage Five?

The Five Stages of Grief For Arsenal’s Champions League Draw

Posted  December 16, 2011  by  The Fan's Attic

While there are many Gooners who have passed through the UF halls or currently reside at UF, never is there an opportunity lost around here to tweak them a bit.  So it was this morning following the Champions League draw that saw Arsenal pitted against AC Milan.  Certainly not the favorable draw hoped for, but [...]

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Ctistina de Pin. How did Montolivo pull this off?

Serie A Matchday Preview: Double Decker

Posted  December 16, 2011  by  Orr

The next 5 days will be a Serie A smorgasbord chock full of intrigue and surprises. With each squad in Italy’s top flight set to play two matches, there are many points to be won and lost. When the dust settles we’ll have a clearer picture of what each team needs in the transfer window [...]

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