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Neil Ashton's a nice guy, decent reporter. But this is just stupid. Precious Roy

Of Course He FJM’d Something

So this was super low-hanging fruit. So much so that I really considered not doing it. Instead I was going to FJM the comments on the same piece, because that’s even lower-hanging fruit. But this piece from October sent the Soccerlytics world into a shit fit, which is about the easiest thing in the world […]

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We wrote a lot of words, some of them alright

Unprofessional Foul has been a beautiful thing in my life for a long time. I have a lot of friends as a result of our communal comment-sectioning in David Hirshey’s columns on Deadspin — and then the ‘stache ended up being one of the groomsmen in my wedding some years later. UFers have an almost […]

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L’Affaire Valbuena

Although the story broke a while ago, everyone is still talking about “L’Affaire Valbuena.” Need to catch up? Confused from the start? Simply here for the titillation? Let’s run through things so we’re all on the same page. Back in June 2015 as Les Bleus were preparing for friendlies against Belgium and Albania, rumors began […]

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Divorce, Anger, Sadness: The Manchester United Story

  None of us would be here if not for the journey, and none of us knows where the journey will lead us from here. As I look back at the time since Unprofessional Foul shut its doors, I see a roller coaster of emotions, changes left and right, new love and massive sadness. The […]

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The Good, The Bad, The WTF

Let’s not kid ourselves. We don’t really get to do these anymore. As such, I am dispensing with any notion that we might present a “good” or “bad” here and going straight to the WTF. That is what you want, right? Actually, I don’t care. Here we go. Welcome to Unprofessional Foul’s new venture, the […]



Roberto Carlos Back To Work

It’s fast becoming video day at UF, but who cares! Below, we see that Roberto Carlos has settled back into Brazilian soccer in a game for Corinthians against Bragantino. And to think he’s just famous for being a gre...
by James T

Cheer for Espana!

World Cup Quarterfinal Preview: Spain v. Paraguay

Don’t sleep on this one, folks; though it lacks the magnetic charge of Netherlands/Brazil and Argentina/Germany, there’s still some sting in the last quarterfinal to be played.
by James T

No doubt happier times for the pair

Nani clearly wants to collect unemployment

In the most ill-advised career move since Nicolas Cage agreed to star in National Treasure, Manchester United winger Nani has decided to “tell all” about working/training conditions at United, not that anyone was pa...
by James T



Sounders Go Yellow

Now, I’m a huge fan of yellow and green; been wearing Norwich garb since birth—No, really..Birth. The earliest pics of Ned available to gawk upon, feature a baby in Norwich knitwear, Norwich onesies, Norwich socks, booties...
by Norfolk Ned

Hey, look who's on top there? That looks pretty good!

WC2010 Liveblog: Algeria v. Slovenia

It’s time to find out just how valuable the U.S. team’s point vs. England will be.
by The Stretford End


Rafa Unwittingly Reveals a Painless Way to Remove Him from His Job

Are you paying attention, Messrs. Hicks and Gillett? Your beleaguered, under-fire manager, Rafael Benitez, has shown you the blueprints to ousting him from his job without too much drama or blood on your hands. It’s quite...
by James T